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When was Chimplinks founded?

Chimplinks social WiFi was born in Bali, Indonesia in 2015.

Who are Chimplinks?

We are a group with more than a decade of corporate IT knowledge and extensive experience in sales and marketing. We also have the practical knowledge in almost all aspects of food and beverage, hotels and other lifestyle businesses. Every part of our well oiled machine compliments the others!

  • Certified IT Professionals
  • Sales & Digital Marketing Experts
  • Solid IT & Network Infrastructure
  • Advanced Mail Servers
  • Social Media Marketing Gurus
  • Applied Business Specialists
What is our mission?

Executed with passion and clarity, our absolute goal is to create an unbeatable digital marketing service for tourism driven destinations.

In Bali, we noticed the gap in the market. We’re not just your average ‘good will’ marketing agency. Chimplinks is all about large reach, laser accurate targeting and thus conversion. Through precise and thoughtful planning we provide you with the highest levels of service in social media and digital marketing, backed by faultless IT infrastructure. Let us develop your business today. Contact us here for your free trial!

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Why choose Chimplinks digital marketing services?

The gateway to profiling your customers better is in Chimplinks’ social WiFi software that allows the user to connect to your WiFi with their social media profiles or email addresses.

With our combined and prevailing passion for digital marketing and business development, you need not look any further for your digital marketing needs. We believe we have the difference to improve your brand awareness and, in turn, increase your profits! Oh, and we are also able to set you up with IT and network infrastructure. Which other digital marketing company in Bali can offer you all that?

Still need convincing about our digital marketing services? Contant us here!