Bali Zoo


Being aware that the majority of its guests would only visit the Zoo once, largely due to tourism, the Bali Zoo was keen to start collecting as much customer data as possible on that first visit and then use it to encourage repeat visits and maximize its revenue, as well as cross-promote its other businesses. Chimplinks social WiFi provided an enterprise-grade solution tailored to their needs.



Through installing Chimplinks social WiFi, and its automated email marketing features throughout the venue, Bali Zoo hoped to not only give a secure WiFi network to its guests but also gain valuable demographic data on its customers to assist is digital marketing team.

By implementing the Chimplinks marketing platform, Bali Zoo was able to:

  • Collect its new customer’s data and add it to the Zoo’s existing database
  • Provide personalised experiences for new and returning customers using tailored e-marketing
  • Promote its latest deals and offers in a timely manner using the date and time settings for promotion display
  • Incentivise repeat custom through discounted visits
  • Drive foot traffic to its sister business, Flamingo Beach Club



Pak Putu Setiawan of the Bali Zoo’s Marketing team said: “ The Chimplinks social WiFi system has integrated seamlessly with the Zoo’s existing network infrastructure.” He went on to say that “the marketing department here in Bali are making great use of the analytics provided, by visualising quieter times of the day and then posting promotions to fill them. We have seen a good increase in average spend at our gift shop by offering incentives for larger purchases through social WiFi.”