COCO Group


In March 2019 the Chimplinks Social WiFi, and automated email marketing platform, was installed across all 6 of the Natys’ food and beverage outlets belonging to the COCO Group. The new network provides its guests with safe and secure access to the internet whilst enabling their Bali marketing team to collect useful insights into their customer base.


Within the first 14 days of installing the Chimplinks WiFi Marketing tool the 6 restaurants collected 2157 email addresses from its customers. Using this alongside the Chimplinks automated email marketing service they saw an overall increase in returning customers and also gained the ability to remind customers that had already left the restaurant to leave positive Tripadvisor reviews.


Pak Made Kardiana of COCO Group said “The ability to retarget our customers and promote our sister hotels and restaurants is something we have been wanting for a long time. Chimplinks provides us with the perfect platform to analyse our guests demographic and then use that information to target our marketing in a much more efficient way. The automated emails also means that our management staff spend more time adding value directly to the business, rather than sitting for hours a day sending follow up emails.”