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Social Media Management

Social Media and its benefits when improving business have come around quickly. For some businesses and entrepreneurs it is now a “can’t survive without it” situation and for others it’s a complicated, confusing and stressful thought.

Whichever side of the fence you sit on ChimpLinks.com is here to help. Whether you are already seeing the undeniable benefits of increased business through online marketing or you are brand new to the idea, we can make your campaigns highly effective and increase your flow of clients, customers and ensure you get the awareness that you deserve.


Reasons to be active on social media

Maximise Your Business Awareness

Every chance you have to get your business name in front of people’s eyes is valuable. By engaging regularly on Social Media you are digitally opening your doors to new clients. When your clients or customers enjoy your product or service they will likely “check in” when they arrive at your business or mention your Social Media on theirs. This will entice friends of theirs who may also enjoy your service to visit you, It’s word of mouth gone digital.

Improved Customer Loyalty

Businesses who engage on social media on social media tend to receive far greater loyalty from their customers than those who don't. When your customers see pictures of themselves and special offers for the business followers they feel a personal engagement and will visit you more often.

Opportunities To Convert Followers Into Business

Whenever you post on your social media platforms you have an opportunity to convert followers into business. With careful analysis of your business we are able to engage old, recent and new customers ensuring that your clients will continually flow.

Greater Business Authority

When people enjoy a business or service they generally love to brag about it and will turn to social media to do so. When they do this your business becomes irresistible to their friends and other social media users who will want to follow you for further updates. With this having a snowball effect you will be surprised how quickly things take off.

Increase Your Inbound Customers

If you don't use social media for marketing, your flow of walk in customers are limited to word of mouth and passers-by. Every social media that you add and engage with is effectively another signboard and pathway leading straight to your front door. Different demographics of clients use different social channels to communicate with friends and colleagues so be sure to be active on as many as possible where your future customers may see you.

Reduced Marketing Costs

Many business owners still opt for print media and other traditional forms of marketing. Whilst these can certainly produce good results there is no comparison to what can be achieved via social media. With targeted marketing through location, age range, gender etc it is possible your get your promotion to exactly the people you want. Today’s connectivity between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the rest means that just one short advertisement could end up in front of thousands or even millions of the right people.

Improved Customer Experience

Social media is used as a communication channel just the same as emails or telephone calls. By constantly demonstrating your ability to provide a high quality service, people will feel confident to come and visit you. Another huge benefit is being able to deal with any customers complaints in a quick and transparent manner.

Get To Know Your Customers Better

Social Media is a fantastic way to gain the knowledge you need to improve your business. With Social Media, it only takes a matter of seconds to ask a majority of your existing customers their opinion on a new product, service or idea. By monitoring customer’s comments you can see what people think of your business directly. This then allows you to add value to your customers and increase their satisfaction and your overall profits.

Whichever way you look at it, a strong, professional and well managed Social Media will only have positive effects for your business, here at ChimpLinks.com we will tailor a strategy and content calender based exclusivly on the needs of your business. Want to know more….? Feel free to pop into our office for a chat or get in touch below. We look forward to hearing from you.

If you would like to know more about our social media managment services, feel free to pop in to the office for a chat or get in touch below. We look forward to hearing from you.